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G.o.A.L: Generation of Aspirational Leaders

G.o.A.L. helps students develop their leadership and communication skills while promoting social consciousness.

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We aim to create a sense of belonging between participants that reaches beyond the classroom experience and allows students the opportunity to expand their social network.


We work with a network of faculty members to ensure all students participating in GoAL can apply course concepts in a professional and studious setting.


When you’re gearing up for a new career we can get you turn-key ready and put you in front of top Silicon Valley Recruiters with the transferrable skills they want.

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G.o.A.L. helps students develop their leadership and communication skills while promoting social consciousness. The program also serves as a student learning community where students have the chance to learn from each other by sharing their thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

The full slate of activities include community building workshops that bring together people from all walks of life including faculty, staff, students, civic leaders, community members and others. The program conducts outreach to affinity groups of Silicon Valley companies hoping to diversify their workforces with qualified candidates.

G.o.A.L aims to establish a diverse and inclusive community that inspires students to reach their full potential.The program provides resources to build students’ leadership skills and achieve excellence in academia and professional development. Students can network with and be mentored by professionals from organizations, corporations and institutions.
The Generation of Aspirational Leaders, G.o.A.L., engages with the colleges and departments within SJSU, to leverage their strengths, resources and capabilities to identify, spearhead, and sustain university-wide collaborations. These collaborative initiatives are crucial in helping students, who are underrepresented minorities, succeed, hence narrowing the achievement gap.

At our monthly workshops

We will help you develop your community within SJSU and through a peer-mentorship program we can make sure you reach your curriculum goals. We put you in contact with campuswide resources and other organizations which will allow you to expand your network. There are no membership fees to join our program. This is a good opportunity to be seen by these recruiters and get an inside track into these companies. We encourage you to come dressed professionally and bring your resume!

  • Develop Community
  • Network with Mentors
  • Learn from Industry Professionals
  • Gain key Insights to achieving success

Are you interested in joining the Leadership Team

An Apprentice is the first step in the three-tier process. Apprenti have the ability to move into an Ambassador position after at least one semester as an Apprentice.