Our Mission

G.o.A.L aims to establish a diverse and inclusive community that inspires students to reach their full potential.The program provides resources to build students’ leadership skills and achieve excellence in academia and professional development. Students can network with and be mentored by professionals from organizations, corporations and institutions.

Upcoming Events

Our Focus


We aim to create a sense of belonging between participants that reaches beyond the classroom experience and allows students the opportunity to expand their social network.


We work with a network of faculty members to ensure all students participating in GoAL can apply course concepts in a professional and studious setting.


When you’re gearing up for a new career we can get you turn-key ready and put you in front of top Silicon Valley Recruiters with the transferrable skills they want.

How we got started

Dr. Marilyn Easter (right) and Alora Frederick (left) Co-Founded the G.o.A.L. program at SJSU in 2016, to assist in closing the achievement gap. Through this program, Dr. Easter has provided leadership in developing an inclusive environment in which the underrepresented population of SJSU can build a community, work on improving curriculum goals, and ultimately become career ready. G.o.A.L. is the first program on campus to address Community, Curriculum, and Career.

Dr. Marilyn Easter has gone above and beyond to provide the G.o.A.L. program with her unyielding support and professional counselling. Without the efforts put forth by Dr. Easter, the G.o.A.L. program would not have succeeded. Dr. Easter has provided instruction at the highest quality and has proven her commitment to student success many times over. The effort she has exerted is reflected in her many successful endeavors and pedagogies. She is a prime example of the type of leadership that all professors should aspire to attain. Dr. Marilyn Easter exemplifies leadership at the department, college, and university level.

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